Saturday, April 20, 2013

German Basketball Talent Dennis Schroeder playing at Nike Hoops Summit 2013

Every year the top basketball talent from the US and around the world come together for the Nike Hoop Summit.

This year - i.e. tonight (April 20th, 2013, Portland, 4pm) - we'll watch another German talent 15 years after Dirk Nowitzki dominated the 1998 Nike Hoop Summit.

However, to be perfectly honest, talented Dennis Schroeder still has to work a lot on his game. Don't get me wrong. All the players drafted for the Hoop Summit are the best among their peers and have a fair chance to make it to the NBA at some point, but from the video below, it seems Dennis Schroeder will most likely not dominate the match like Nowitzki did 15 years ago - especially as Andrew Wiggins is most likely going shine again.

Anyway, best luck and a great career in basketball for Dennis and the rest of the great talent!

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  1. Dennis Schroeder did a great job! Dennis scored 18 points while Andrew Wiggins made 17 points. Great game for the promising German talent!