Thursday, June 16, 2011

Best of 2011 NBA finals: Ultimate list of Top10 plays from Mavericks and Heat

Wanna see all the best plays from 2011 NBA finals? Here are the essential basketball videos from Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat: Top10 Plays ans extra Top10 Dunks, Top10 Blocks, Top10 Steals as well as Top10 Assists.

I like the slick move from Heat's Dwayne Wade on #8 and his spectacular block on #5. It surely might not have been LeBron James' best series, but his dunks on #7 and #6 are just vicious. Bam!

Mavs' Dirk definitely owned the series and especially the 4th quarters - and he also owns positions #3, #2 and #1 of this video (edited by the NBA). Dirkster was great, but I'm not sure whether these plays were the top3.

Let's move on to the top10 dunks from the finals. One from Dirk and a lot from Chandler, Wade and James. A lot of alley-oops (e.g. Chandler, James to Wade and Wade to James) and some nice tip-in dunks (James and Chandler). No ring for LeBron, but 5 ot of 10 dunks in this top10 including teh 1st place; a mean in your face over Mavs' Mahinmi.

Switch over to defense! Top10 monster blocks of the finals. Some nasty ones, especially from Heat's Wade. Well deserved 1st place for his rejection of Chandler - not in my house!

More great defense: Top10 steals.

And finally the top10 assists. Great passes, though #1 and #2 are alley-oops and redundant with the top10 dunks video.

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